Interests #

A general list of things that have sparked my interest over the years. Some I know a lot about, some very little. There is enough on this list to fill many lifetimes.

Having a lot of interests is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it means there is always something to explore, a new connection to understand, a new theory to add to the ever-expanding map in your head. But it also causes anxiety, creates a feeling that nothing is ever enough, that there is always more to know, more to understand. A big part of inner peace comes from accepting that it is impossible to know everything, and one must instead focus on finding beauty in what he does have the privelege to learn and understand.

In general I am interested in building and creating things. Digital or written things have always come easier to me than more physical things, but I definitely understand why people would want to build and create those too.

Technical #

  • computer science
    • algorithms
    • functional programming
    • the Haskell programming language
    • programming languages
    • the Python programming language
    • the Rust programming language
  • emacs
  • linguistics
  • mathematics and statistics
    • algebra
      • linear algebra
      • representation theory
    • algebraic geometry
    • Bayesian statistics
    • category theory
    • complex analysis
    • machine learning
  • physics

Non-technical #

  • birds
  • books
  • British sitcoms
  • card games
  • collecting records
  • conlangs
  • cooking
  • cricket
  • elections
  • films
  • history
  • military history
  • maps
  • music
  • parenting
  • photography
  • piano
  • planes
  • poetry
  • politics
    • Australian politics
    • UK politics
    • American politics
    • Israeli politics
  • productivity / self-improvement
  • relationships
  • roads
  • science fiction / fantasy
  • certain sports
  • technology
  • video games
  • walking and running
  • worldbuilding
  • writing fiction
  • writing music