Programming languages #

A list of programming languages that I am interested in on some level. Some I know well, some barely, and currently only one intimately (Python).

  • Ada, for its formal correctness and “design by contract”
  • bash, which has a certain austere old-school Unix elegance to it
  • Haskell, a beautiful and abstract language that appeals to the mathematician in me
  • Ink, a hobby language that looks very nice.
  • Julia, for scientific programming, though the hype and the shine seem to be coming off this language a little lately
  • Go, Google’s fast and easy-to-learn (supposedly) language.
  • Lua, a scripting language particularly popular for game development
  • Lisp, which drives emacs, and which is almost insane in its simplicity and timeless ingenuity
  • Python, the old workhorse, with some nice new features added in recent versions
  • Rust, fast, sensible, solid, modern
  • Typescript, JavaScript with types, which is actually pretty nice
  • A great post about using a different programming language every day for the Advent of Code competition.
  • A nice post about the seven different broad “syntax types” of programming languages, and the initial ancestor of each family.