logseq #

logseq is note-taking software that allows you to build a personal knowledge database. It is open source and privacy focussed.

2022-11-06 #

I have recently started to use it as a mobile interface to my org roam notes. It has half-decent org mode support. The iOS app is buggy and not native unfortunately. But it’s better than my old solution (browsing through the .org files in Files and opening them in iAWriter). It supports org-roam-dailies with only a few small tweaks, and I think it is possible to hack it to create new notes with the org-roam front matter, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

2022-11-20 #

A couple of weeks later, I am not very happy with Logseq on mobile. The time it takes for the app to load my graph and make my current journal page editable is longer than the time it used to take me to navigate to the journal entry in Files and then edit in iAWriter, and the logseq editor is massively worse than iA (downright buggy).

2023-11-12 #

Going to give it another spin, almost a year later.

  • A nice guide on making logseq read your org-roam files properly (also covers org-roam-dailies).