org roam #

org roam is a package developed by Jethro Kuan to add Roam Research-style functionality to org-roam, including support for backlinks.

  • Jethro Kuan on progressive summarisation.
  • Ben Mezger on how to set up exporting backlinks in ox-hugo.
  • Alex Kehayias on his usage of org-roam.
  • Guide on how to use org-agenda with a very large org-roam database.
  • An adaptation of org-roam to support Markdown files, including mixing org and md. If everything is Markdown you can use Obsidian as an additional visualization layer / mobile app. Interesting.
  • Logseq (terrible name) looks like another potential visualization layer on top of org mode files. Saw it mentioned by Jethro Kuan in his post on org roam v2 (need to migrate one of these days…)
  • Another post on Logseq - it looks a bit rough and currently requires syncing through GitHub which isn’t good enough yet.
  • Alex Kehayias’s org roam config
  • org-roam-ui, a nice package that provides a graph browser UI for org roam.
  • denote, an emacs package written by the venerable Prot, that provides an org roam-like Zettelkasten experience without the database dependency.
  • A nice write-up on Dominik Honnef’s note-taking system.