Flow state #

Flow is that golden state where you are focussed and invested entirely in one thing and everything else seems to fade away. It is hard to access, on some days and in some conditions impossible, but it is the state in which almost everything significant is created.

There are lots of resources on flow state as a theoretical concept, and it really interests me as an idea. Meditation surely helps and is linked: the mind wanders, distracts from the flow, meditation teaches you to practise bringing it back.

My main dilemma with flow state is that often when I feel myself drawn to some immersive activity with the potential for flow (programming, writing), is this necessarily a good sign? Am I seeking flow because it’s therapeutic for me (see the link below)? Or am I seeking escape from something uncomfortable and flow is my (usually unachievable) way of doing that?

  • Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi’s famous TED talk on flow state.
  • Craig Mod on the therapeutic power of immersing yourself in code.
  • Binny Abraham’s note from his Zettelkasten.
  • Wikipedia.