Trendy scraper #

The trendyscraper is a small project I made in 2014 and revised in 2017, which scrapes Google trends for a certain keyword over a long timescale. Since Google trends only outputs weekly data for periods longer than a few months, it also pulls daily data for small periods throughout the full period and then stitches them together, rescaling for consistency.

Known issues #

I am thinking about developing a new version of the tool and the following things have been raised as issues on Github:

  • how does this fit with Google’s terms of use
  • get_weekly_frame returns None for ranges less than 180 days
  • rate limits for ranges longer than a few years
  • KeyError

Other things to fix #

  • Python 3.9
  • neater and simpler code
  • documentation
    • in the readme
    • another post on my site and here
  • tests
  • pytrends, a pretty comprehensive project doing everything except the stitching, but doing it all a lot better