Clojure #

Clojure is a modern Lisp dialect that I’ve been interested in learning for a while.

The weirdest thing about Clojure when you’re just starting out is its refusal to let you use mutable variables. This is something that really feels weird coming from Python.

  • Clojure for the Brave and True seems like a great introduction.
  • Arthur Barroso’s journey learning Clojure.
  • Hiccup for handling HTML in Clojure.
  • Reagent, a Clojure interface to React.
  • clojure-koans, a nice, simple, test-based way to learn some simple Clojure.
  • Caves of Clojure, an implementation of this series of posts implementing a roguelike in Java, in Clojure
  • robinson, a simple roguelike in Clojure
  • clecs, an ECS library for Clojure
  • brute, another ECS library for Clojure
  • A nice write-up of a game dev hackathon in Clojure
  • A tile map library for Clojure