2021 14” MacBook Pro #

I used the M1 MacBook Air for a full year, loved it, and used the 13” M1 MacBook Pro for almost a year at work, liked it, but had really been hanging out for the “full” redesign that had been in the works for a few years. I wasn’t disappointed.

When I got the M1 Air I just wanted to enjoy the quiet and cool after my long-suffering 15" MacBook Pro from 2018.

The Pro feels too quiet for the power I know it has. It’s a beast, handles anything I throw at it without a second thought. Truly an amazing tool for creating and thinking.

It’s brought me out of my plaintext cave. I am using my computer for all sorts of other stuff and it feels good. Never had 32GB of RAM before. Wish I’d kept the specs of my old computers.

And then there’s the design. I keep reading about the resemblance to the first aluminium (or titanium) PowerBooks from 2001, which were some of the first Macs I remember seeing and admiring, though I didn’t get my first until 2004. Apple has definitely decided to make a statement with the design here, a return to form, to the past, acknowledging all the drama and the mistakes from the previous generation and committing to correcting all of them.