Computers #

Computers, and the Internet ecosystem that they ushered into existence, are certainly the most significant inventions since the printing press. I got my first computer, or rather my Mum bought one that was set up in a communal area in our house, in 2001, when I was 13. It was a Compaq Presario, I don’t remember exactly which model, but with something like a Pentium III processor (566MHz), 64MB of RAM or maybe 128MB, and a 5GB spinning hard drive.

Since then, so the last twenty years, I have spent a huge amount of time sitting at a computer. Probably close to 20,000 hours. I have always felt very attached to computers, to their infinite creative potential, and have always been keen to upgrade to the latest and fastest hardware. In 2004 I bought my first Apple computer; I’ve used their computers ever since (though I did switch back to PC for a couple of years from 2006-2009).

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