Twitter #

On January 1 2022, twelve years after joining I’m curious about engaging with Twitter again. Let’s see where this goes. I read Twitter all the time, follow a lot of intelligent and interesting people, and am starting to think maybe I’m missing out a bit by not engaging a bit more. I am deeply suspicious of “social media” and deleted Facebook years ago but something about Twitter, particularly in the niches that I follow, feels a bit different and I’m interested in exploring a bit more.

In January 2022 I have 34 followers so tweeting things feels futile, like shouting into a void. It feels simultaneously useless and stressful, like deciding what to eat. I think I should focus more on replying to others, trying to participate in conversations, share insights, and I think for this maybe I’m not following the right mix of people. Need to find a bunch of smaller accounts that tweet a lot.

  • This nice guide to using Twitter effectively and productively.