Online privacy #

Online privacy, and “personal sovereignty” on the internet, is something that deeply concerns me when I think about it. And when I do think about it, it concerns me even more that I don’t think it about it much, that I’m happy just living my digital life relying on a whole bunch of private companies and their third-party tools. It scares me to look at lists of web services from fifteen years ago and see how few of them are still online. What does this mean about my invaluable photos, music, documents, in the future?

The dream of course, for someone like me, is to do it all myself. To self-host everything, to make sure I am entirely self-reliant and not dependent on the whims of any market forces to determine whether the photos of my children will be backed up. But this is still a dream for now, as these solutions are prohibitively hard and fiddly (and costly) to implement.

  • An inspiring write-up of Marko Zivanovic’s personal cloud solution (everything based on Linux and Android).
  • A very interesting post about how to create an anonymous digital identity from scratch.
  • A nice list of privacy-respecting software.
  • A good indie write-up of how to self-host a website.
  • A nice write-up of a very impressive home networking setup with no shitty consumer-grade hardware at all.