Goatcounter #

Goatcounter is an open-source, lightweight, privacy-conscious website analytics platform. It provides simple counts of users that visited a site without all the bells and whistles and unnecessary features of Google Analytics, and without the use of cookies or intrusive trackers.

Setup #

I use Goatcounter on this digital garden (served through Hugo) and on my personal website (served with Jekyll), having disabled Google Analytics on my personal site in 2021 after 7 years.

Hugo #

Depending on your theme, find the Hugo partial that is loaded on each page (probably it is called header.html or something similar) and add the Goatcounter script.

Jekyll #

Again, just add the Goatcounter script to a HTML template you know will be loaded into every page of your site.

Mt. Solitary #

The Goatcounter dashboard for Mt. Solitary is publicly available here.