lsp-mode #

lsp-mode is a package for emacs that implements a porcelain over the Language Server Protocol.

I have tried a few times to get lsp-mode working the way I want and I keep getting frustrated with it and going back to other tools, which I then get even more frustrated with. I definitely think it’s worth investing time in making the tool mine, which emacs is perfect for.

Making an emacs configuration for an extremely fast Python IDE #

This is a list of things I really want in my lsp-mode setup. I will keep this section updated as I slowly figure out how to do all of these things.

  • Terminal at the bottom, switch with a single command
  • Jump to definition and reference
  • Quick search in project
  • pyenv support
  • Run tests
  • “Run configurations”
  • Black support
  • Debugger
  • Magit
  • A constant window setup
  • (A tree view with icons - do I actually want this?)

eglot #

eglot sounds like a better implementation of an LSP porcelain. I need to try it out some day.